Doctor Who: The Ultimate Conflict is a feature-length fan-film based on the popular BBC drama series.


Released: January 2015



Five years after foiling a Dalek invasion attempt, the Doctor has disappeared. U.N.I.T. has sinced become corrupted from within and only Captain Patricia Connor recognises & plans to oppose it.


Meanwhile across the stars, a council overlooking the universe are given an ultimatum by an old, but renewed enemy.


Can the Doctor return to restore balance?

Production Notes


Scripting began in 2008 after the success of Director Christopher Thomson's previous fan-film, The Final Adventure.


As production began in April 2009, nearly a third of the overall film was scheduled and filmed after months of planning.


In 2010, due to Christopher's personal issues with certain cast members, the filming was post-poned until further notice. The following year, Christopher was able to recast some of the roles and production resumed. Unfortunately as other members of the cast became unavailable, filming was delayed further until replacements were found. The shooting concluded in August 2012.


It is now with thanks to Daniel Sherratt & Timetunnel Media that the editing was completed in January 2015.